AF Standmount Speakers


Designed for small or medium rooms, the AF stand-mount speakers follow the conceptual sonic and constructive lines of our larger systems, providing a great dynamic sound, clarity and realism with a particularly extended frequency response for their size.

AF Floorstanding Speakers


The AF hi-end speakers, designed and realized without compromise. Handcrafted cabinets with best italian cabinetry tradition and highly selected components, our floorstanding speakers are a continuous research of state of the art of the original sound reproduction.

AF Monitors speakers


The AF professional series. Ideals for post-production monitor mixing, these models are long been used by several recording rooms, experiencing a growing success in all those professional areas needing a great analyze ability of the sound message.



The AF-INT1 is the state-of-the-art integrated amp in the low-power vacuum tubes amplifiers of our production. With its simplicity of operation, small footprint and all the sonic characteristics of our larger amplifiers, AF-INT1 is an high value of refined aesthetics and musicality.



The AF-INT2 is an integrated amp with a musicality, detail and transparency of the sound higher than any other amplification of the same category. We have considered the possibility of interchanging both vacuum tubes of the preamp section and the power stage, allowing for exceptional sonic versatility and operational with any speaker.



Totally transparent and rich in detail, the AF-PRE sets a new benchmark for high-performance audio. Designed and built without compromise, the AF-PRE features an ultra-flat response, extraordinary dynamic range and bandwidth, with infinitely low levels of distortion.

Audiofilia Showroom - Germany

The new Audiofilia Showroom Germany

Located in the beautiful scenery of the Herrnsheim castle in Worm is now possible to book listening sessions of all AF systems. The Audiofilia Showroom Germany with the direction and consulting by Mr. Ralf Nadolski it is available to all who wish to know the emotions of Audiofilia sound.

The showroom is acoustically treated with innovative resonators and acoustic panels of our own design for optimal environmental response.

What the press say

AF-S6 Hifi Pig Review

Hifi Pig: AF-S6

by Dominic Marsh - February, 2016

...It is that very sophistication in sound that draws you into the music, so deep that you become totally immersed in it and the listening time just seems to fly by without you even realising it. One could be forgiven then for assuming they are a rather mild or polite kind of speaker, but trust me they can produce fireworks when you ask them nicely...

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News & Events

AF-FIN Class A Amplifier

World's Top 75 Best High-End Audio and HiFi Brands

24th July, 2016

Audiofilia AF-FIN: The art of hi-end amplification. The International man magazine compilation.

Top 75 Best High-End Audio & HiFi Brands

News & EventsNew !

Silkare Distribution

Audiofilia meets Silkare Distribution

16th May, 2017

We are extremely delighted to announce that Mr. Pierre Soufflet from Silkare Distribution is now the new official distributor in Benelux and France of Audiofilia's products...


What the press say


TNT-AUDIO UK: AF-S4 Boxing clever?

by Nick Whetstone - May, 2015

Once again, I was amazed that six inch drivers could produce the scale of music, and the level of bass output from what is a smaller sized speaker as floor-standers go. But it isn't just the quality of bass, the midrange and top end are of top quality too. They are pleasing to listen to, awesome when they need to be, consistently good with different genres, and allow the listener to really enjoy every detail and nuance of the music. In a single word, they are addictive.

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