The art of hi-end amplification

A sound without compromises...


AF-Int1 Integrated tube amp


The AF-INT1 is the state-of-the-art integrated amp in the low-power vacuum tube amplifiers of our production. With its simplicity of operation, small footprint and all the sonic characteristics of our larger amplifiers, AF-INT1 is an high value of refined aesthetics and musicality. For audiophiles that looking for the ultimate in versatility of an amplifier based on their budget, the AF-INT1 allows to interchanging the vacuum tubes of the preamplifier stage while maintaining the same precision and high quality sound.

AF-Int2 Integrated tube amp


The AF-INT2 is an integrated amp with a musicality, sound detail and transparency higher than any other amplification of the same category. We have considered the possibility of interchanging both vacuum tubes of the preamp section and the power stage, allowing an exceptional sonic versatility and operational with any speaker. The AF-INT2 sounds clear, warm and muscular, able to take full advantage of the whole low frequency range of a speaker with a proper control and impact.



Totally transparent and rich in details, the AF-PRE sets a new benchmark for high-performance audio. Designed and built without compromise, the AF-PRE features an ultra-flat response, extraordinary dynamic range and bandwidth, with infinitely low levels of distortion. The AF-PRE has a surgical precision, revealing all the nuances previously hidden in your recordings. The sound is deep, natural, extremely musical, with deep bass, natural mids and clear highs.



The AF-FIN is a stereo power amp of absolute reference with extremely natural and musical sound. Designed and built without compromise the AF-FIN is the stereo power amp for music lovers seeking a very natural listening of their favorite recordings of any musical genre. The AF-FIN can sonorize your listening room with an infinite number of details and nuances never heard before with an incredible musicality and transparency, sonic neutrality and deepest soundstage.



The AF-AMP is an absolute monaural reference amplifier dedicated to all audiophiles particularly demanding in dynamics and realism for their music. The AF-AMP with its 100W in class A totally hand-made without compromises can sonorize large environments with surgical precision with anunmatched musicality and sonic neutrality. The AF-AMP is in absolute the final and definitive point of arrival for music lovers and audiophiles more demanding in terms of high class amplification.