High Performance Reference Loudspeakers

The most realistic, and enjoyable, speakers that I have ever heard...

Nick Whetstone


Designed for small or medium rooms, the AF stand-mount speakers follow the same lines and sonic construction of our reference speakers.



The smallest of our compact speakers from the sound exceptionally well balanced despite of its size. The S-SYSTEM technology implemented in the AF-S1 is particulary heard, pushing this small bookshelf at an unexpected frequency response not traceable in others realizations of the genre. Is the speaker more loved by all those audiophiles who seek a superbly balanced sound in small environments asking the ultimate in audio quality without compromise.



The AF-S2 is the most beloved standmount speaker of our production. With the benefits of the phenomenal S-SYSTEM technology, the AF-S2 can sonorize small-medium environments with a natural and transparent emission. In these compact speakers the mids and mid-bass frequency are issued with a spectacular open balanced sound, crystal-clear, natural and extremely dynamic.



The AF-S3 is an amazing speaker under dynamic profile and its natural and controlled balance. The S-SYSTEM technology allows to this 3-way air suspension speaker a total control over the entire audio range, creating a precise wide and deep soundstage. The AF-S3 has an incredible realistic impact for this category of speaker, made of deep and controlled bass, open and naturally extended mids and high frequencies.

The AF reference speakers. Built at the state of the art, found their more natural location inside high performances hi-end systems.



The AF-S4 offers an absolute sonic transparency, while maintaining clarity and dynamics at all listening levels. Whether you decide for the ribbon or dome tweeter, together with the 6” woofer, you will have total control over the entire audio range made available by your sources. The AF-S4 ensures optimum sound in any listening environment with a wide and deep soundstage. If you are looking for a full-range speaker, delicate, transparent and dynamic, the AF-S4 is the speaker for you.



The AF-S5 offers an extraordinary SPL and a significantly extended FLE range. Provides all the excitement and clarity of the AF-S4 with a capacity of even higher resolution and detail in the bass and mid-high frequencies. The sound emission is open, powerfull and real, with an exceptional dynamic range that will make you live an extraordinary listening experience, a full-immersion throughout the entire audio range.



Balance, dynamics, control, detail, realism and naturalness are the words with which we would like to define the AF-S6. The incredible natural soundstage, the natural size of the reproduced instruments, the materiality and realism of sonic information, the introspection of the finer detail, the deepness and the bass control make the AF-S6 a full-range speaker of absolute reference.



The AF-S7 offers a visceral impact sound and a realistic performance without precedent. The S-SYSTEM technology and the 9” woofer allows a particularly dynamic LFE, preserving intact and clear the whole sound message. The 6” cone midrange and the 1” dome tweeter complete a natural and trasparent response on the mid-high frequencies.



The AF-S8 is an extraordinary speaker in every aspect. The adoption of wrest-planks on the two sides of the cabinet transform the vibrational capacities of the speaker in a real musical instrument, extending the musical reproduction of each single note until the thirteenth harmonic. Every nuance of the original musical message is reproduced with extreme naturalness and musicality involving physically and emotionally the listener, bringing him to an unprecedented listening experience.



The AF-NATURAL is a very special speaker. The first impression you get listening to these speakers is the non physical presence. The air vibrates in your listening room in all its naturalness and musicality, with deep bass, clear highs and delicate mids. With its 3 gorgeous natural wood drivers, together with the S-SYSTEM technology allow an extraordinary dispersive wide angle, materializing an extremely engaging and real soundstage. The emission is delicate, fine and musical at all listening levels.



AF-ATLANTIS is the first single driver speaker in the world that apply a new functioning technology. The parabolic design, the implementation of S-SYSTEM technology at 6 chambers make it a unique speaker in its genre. The result is a sound extraordinarily natural, musical and powerful with an frequency extension well beyond the audible threshold. If you are a lover of single driver speakers, the realism, the finesse, the magic and the high resolution of the ATLANTIS will take you into sound worlds made of deep sounds and details never explored before.

The AF Professional series is the ideal complement for direction benches, post-production audio-video and recording studios that require full-range speakers at very high performance.

AF-SM1 Monitor


The AF-SM1 is a high-resolution monitor, capable of highlighting the smallest nuances of recorded sound message. The precision and the linearity of the emission have made this small speaker a point of reference in the world of professional audio. The more demanding sound engineer found in the AF-SM1 the ideal monitor for own work, trusting in a fine analysis of the audio spectrum reproduced, having access to the identical sound balance intended by the artist.

AF-SM2 Monitor


The AF-SM2 is a 3-way high resolution monitor extremely flexible. It shares many of the outstanding features of its smaller brother AF-SM1. The AF-SM2 allow greater SPL and greater definition and bass extension. It is an ideal monitor for larger listening environments. The dynamic, transparency and the amazing fine sound analysis are the primary qualities arising from the S-SYSTEM technology of these monitors, appreciated by time in many recording and post-production studios.

AF-SM3 Monitor


The AF-SM3 is an upgrade of the AF-SM2 with a greater dynamic and LFE performance. AF-SM3 with the three precision drivers, sign an highly refined, natural tonal balance with an exceptional dynamic and extension in the totality of audio spectrum. AF-SM3 implementing drivers and a precision network of cross-over, individually hand-welded, tested and registered meets highest standards of professional audio with linearity, power handling and an unmatched dynamic range.

Dynamic, depth and control are the essence of AF subwoofers. Founding their more apropriate collocation in the surround and hi-fi systems.

Active Subwoofer AF-LFE1


The AF-LFE1 incorporates a dynamic and ultra-linear 100W power amplifier. The AF-LFE1 reproduces low frequency information with a dynamic and amazing detail. The small footprint and the comprehensive user controls allow easy positioning in most of the rooms even in tight spaces.

Active Subwoofer AF-LFE2


The AF-LFE2 is controlled by an excellent 200W power amplifier, allowing a dynamic and a very extended low frequency response. The AF-LFE2 allows a deep and detailed dynamic impact and an outstanding omni-directional dispersion. The small footprint of the cabinet allows easy placement in most rooms.

Active Subwoofer AF-LFE3


The AF-LFE3 incorporates an excellent and powerful 500W power amplifier, allowing a dynamic low frequency effects (LFE) response unknown to many other similar products on the market. The ultra-low dynamic frequency, precise and sharp of the AF-LFE3 goes beyond the aural sensation of the sound message with an omni-directional dispersion free of harmonic distortion. The small footprint of the cabinet allows easy placement in most rooms.