AF-ATLANTIS cherry finish

AF-ATLANTIS is the first single driver speaker in the world that apply a new functioning technology. The parabolic design, the implementation of S-SYSTEM technology at 6 chambers make it a unique speaker in its genre. The result is a sound extraordinarily natural, musical and powerful with an frequency extension well beyond the audible threshold.

AF-ATLANTIS has a spectacular sound, warm and crystal clear, totally natural and realistic with a micro-detail from live performance.

If you are a lover of single driver speakers, the realism, the finesse, the magic and the high resolution of the ATLANTIS will take you into sound worlds made of deep sounds and details never explored before.

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A new technology applied to a single-driver speaker

S-SYSTEM Technology at 6 chambers.

Air resonator in 3th and 4th chamber.

Passive chamber interstage tuned in F.

Resonator (or mantle activator) active in the rear of driver tuned in D#.

Pitch of the cabinet: A at 438 Hz.

Quantity audible harmonics: 6th harmonic, 7th with SET valves amplification.

Pressure acceleration S-SYSTEM Technology: from 0.4 to 1.2 bar.

  • S-SYSTEM Technology