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The new technology that changed the concept of hi-end loudspeakers...

Research and development

S-SYSTEM is a proprietary technology developed by AUDIOFILIA AF-SPEAKERS, consequent to 20 years long research, starting from traditional physical-acoustic studies through lutherie studies and studies on the density of materials and their resonance. It is a new, innovative and exclusive physical-pneumatic technology applied to the construction technique of AF-Speakers.

How it works

By exploiting the mechanical oscillation of drivers, is generated a “hybrid waveguide” of pneumatic nature that interacts on the flow and internal pressure of the cabinet, speed it up or slowing it down in the desired point in the design phase. The tune, the whole of resonant frequencies (sympathetic), therefore occurs inside the speaker itself, and not outside of the reflex port, as normally contemplate by all other systems. As consequence of this feature, our speakers minimize the sonic differences between the two most used loudspeaker systems: the bass-reflex system and the air suspension system. The control of air pressure and the wave generated inside the cabinet allows to subdivide and to control the low frequencies region on the whole sonic spectrum emitted, by dividing them into two distinct sections or categories: a relatively highest region, which we conveniently call “Bass” and a relatively lowest region that we call “Bass-lfe”. The first region, the Bass, has a physical working range starting from 180Hz ending to 63Hz and it is characterized by “dry” and defined transients, that audiophiles call “Punch”. The second section, the Bass-lfe, has a frequency range spanning from 63Hz down to subsonic frequencies under 20Hz, defined by very long (“telluric”) waves with soft and undefined and particularly dilated transients.

With the S-SYSTEM technology, which is perfectly able to control all the aforementioned factors, the speaker acquires a new functioning identity, behaving exactly like the soundboard of any wooden string instrument. Let's take for example a piano: every time the hammer strikes a string, the latter vibrates, putting in vibration the soundboard and the piano's cabinet, generating the sound. By translating the vibrational functioning of the piano to the speaker, it is possible to understand how the driver in this case, corresponds to the piano's string and the speaker cabinet to the piano's soundboard. The speaker, just like the piano, can vibrate and put in vibration, thus emitting an extremely natural, deep and real sound throughout all of the audible and inaudible audio spectrum. In this perspective, we can freely say that S-SYSTEM technology is in great contrast with any other speakers system design, where most of projects is focused on the exasperated amorphousness of cabinets, producing as result, a dead and enclosed sound, lacking of naturalness and life and of any sensation of truthfulness when compared to original sound event. Now thinking back to the piano: what kind of sound would we hear if the soundboard was made up of an amorphous material and totally unable to vibrate?


All AF-Speakers implement this new technology. Bookshelf models are realized on the basis of the S-SYSTEM technology “porthole channel”, while our bigger floorstanding models, use the “transverse channel”. Even though the name is different, the system is the same, respectively developed for wooden cabinets of small and large size.

As in any project involving the designing and manufacturing of a wooden stringed instrument, both in the realization of the soundboard or any other section of the instrument, the choice of woods to be used is particularly important. We put the same care and attention in the realization of our speakers cabinets. A cabinet that implementing the S-SYSTEM technology must be able to vibrate in response to the smallest stimulus induced by any of the speaker's drivers. Any material or component that constitute an obstacle for the desired oscillation, can not be considered for such realization. As it is for a musical instrument, the choice of woods with the right molecular density and therefore its Own innate resonance capability, is fundamental. The same degree of attention is put in the quality of the finishing. Wood is an “alive” material, porous and so must remain in order to fully exploit all its harmonics and sonic properties. Heavy finishes, such as “closed pore” lacquers, colored or transparent, double or triple are completely avoided, as well of the use of unsuitable adhesives and chemical polymers.

Implications in sound

The S-SYSTEM technology gives to the sound more naturalness, more transparency, high resolution, more realism, more physicality and sound impact than any other system ever made, both in bass reflex system and air suspension system. A real and natural ability of sound transmission. Transmission ability of physics sensations. Real abilities of emotional sensations, attributable only to the real sound of a real musical instrument. Real dimensioning of the reproduced sound information. Natural and particularly extensive frequency response on the lower and higher region of audio spectrum. Indifferent behavior and “sentimental” adaptation to the reproduced musical genre. Indifferent acoustic behavior to the volumetric variation of sound reproduction.

Why now?

One of the most common questions that are asked us is: why now? Why a physical-pneumatic system, like S-SYSTEM, hasn't been invented before? It is very hard for us to answer such a question. Maybe, the answer is the same as those which refer to all small or great inventions of history in any human activity. Often, the inventions are born from a exigency relating to a specific field. The unfaithfulness of sound emission in acclaimed physical-acoustic systems, the boxing of audio information, the behavioral variation response of primary acoustic systems to the variation of reproduced music genre, the real lack of emotion and sentiment of the reproduced sound, were the real reasons that brought us to the development and creation of a new physical-acoustic system, applied both to domestic and professional audio reproduction.

And us ?

We firmly believe that there is no other speakers in domestic and / or professional ambit on the market, able to best perform sonic performance of our speakers in terms of naturalness, musicality, sonic realism, emotional impact, extreme detail, high resolution, tonal accuracy, natural depth of bass, typical of S-SYSTEM technology, regardless of the reproduced music genre and the listening volume.

Alessio Paolizzi e Francesco Stocchi
(Audiofilia - Owners & Chiefs Designers)

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